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  1. How can I get started on digital transformation?
  2. How to provide amazing Customer experience?
  3. How to start D2C (Direct-to-customer) sales for brand or manufacturer?
  4. How to transform B2B-orienred infrastructure into customer-centric D2C-way of sales?
  5. Operational agility implementation.
  6. Which technological platform is suitable for my Company?
  7. Worldwide eCommerce project – how to start? What are the local and global processes.
  8. Intelligent Marketing implpementation with client-centric  concept.
  9. Service design and omnichannel service level Management.
  10. Innovations. Effective project management.

Happy clients

Interactive Window is a special solution which helps clients to choose the phone and contract according to their needs. Project includes the implementation of technology consists of projector and interactive software. Beautiful design of a solution attracts clients in MTS store and let them gaming with interactive Window outside of the store.

MTS Interactive Window

MTS Interactive Window


The first Omni-channel concept in Russia. In the context of the pilot project, there were 500 stores with interactive kiosks set up in 30 most biggest cities of Russia. was The first project in Russia that proved how successful the trade organized with the help of interactive kiosks is in the context of the existing retail chain. It is estimated that the new technology would increase income of each unit of the retailer that participated in the project up to 20%. The figure is provided according to the results of the pilot project.





In July 211, the company “Beliy Veter. DIGITAL” started the project with Omni-channel concept  in 10 stores in Moscow and Moscow region.

“We know that the modern customer is changing rapidly. He was accustomed, if not to shop, at least find detailed information about the products online,” says Daniel, Vaskevich, Executive Director of the company”Beliy Veter. DIGITAL”. “To gain the commitment of the buyer this changes to the classic format of retail is not enough, need truly effective innovations, one of which is undoubtedly the terminal-trade”.

Beliy Veter Digital

Beliy Veter Digital


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